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We obtain your information every time you visited our website (, other than that, by register for filling up your information through our registration are able for us to collect your personal information as well.

Your personal information included, your name, shipping address, contact number, email address, IP address, credit card/debit card information, the personal information you provide to us it may be use it for the purpose of servicing, purchasing our products, communication and our special deals and offers in the future.

Term of Use

By visiting out website ( there are privacy and term of condition to agree on before continue to visit our website, if you disagree of term of condition, you should not visit or use our website due to the term of conditions.

Protected Privacy Information

By visiting our website (, we obtained your personal information, we do not use your personal information on the purpose of not related to our business, we strongly protected your personal information and only used it for business purpose, servicing, communicating and news update from our website in the future of how we used to collect all the personal information data.

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